D.O. Maule valley tops production per litre in Chile but is it known to consumers?

May 1, 2013

In 2015, Chilean D.O. sub regions produces a total of 251.3 million litres of wine, of this the highest volume with 24% originated from the Maule valley, yet do we hear consumers rolling the words "Maule valley" off the tip of their tongue when we talk about Chile? If it is such an important region, which it is considering its history, ability to produce wines through dry-farming  and interestingly complex terroir (just ask Soil terrorist Pedro Parra), why are Chileans not getting their message across?



Is it time for re-branding Maule?

The Maule valley has long been known as the work-horse of the industry, with the large industry producers sourcing their grapes here from the high percentage of small growers in the area. It is also an area well-known for the a huge planting of Pais or Mission grape, a not particularly complex grape and a left over from the days of the Conquestadores who started planting in the name of the church.  However it is important to note that the Pais grape is not taken into account in the DO. sub regions total volume. According to SAG (Servicios Agricola, Ministry of Agriculture) in Chile, the percentage of total litres of wine produced by variety in Maule in 2015 were Cabernet Sauvignon (29.4%), Sauvignon Blanc (15.3%), Chardonnay (12.4%), Merlot (11.3%), Carmenere (10.1%)  and Syrah (5.1%).  Yet Maule is able to offer more than this as noted by the VIGNO appellation of origin for the Carignan based wines from the Maule valley. MOVI, the group of independent Vitners, all small producers, has many of its members producing wines in Maule.  Should be really be doing more to help promote this important area, what can we do to get consumers more interested in Maule as a region?


Brandabout is ready to support the producers in Maule.  We recognise the importance of this region and do what we can to bring wine experts as often as possible to visit producers in the region.  Yet we would like to do much more, the next steps is trade tastings abroad focussing on the region, and for this we need more support from the industry.


Interested in participating in an international event on the wines of Maule?  contact Jane Nisbet Huseby, Director, Brandabout to arrange a meeting.


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