Wine Boxes

Say, "I appreciate and care about you" with a special Brandabout Wine Gift Box!

All the scrumptious edibles are of the highest quality,  imported from Spain and Italy. And the wines are Chile´s finest! Every Gift Box is ideal to share between 2-4 persons. (photos are for reference only).


Each box contains: Vita Vigor breadsticks from Italy, Trujillo Assorted Serrano salamis from Spain, Trujillo Goat Cream Cheese from Spain, Trujillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, green or black olives, sundried tomatoes in olive oil; green olive paté spread, vegan crackers, assorted salted nuts and 150 grams goat cheese from Spain. 

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Please specify your election of wine together with the quantity of Gift Boxes in the comments section below. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Our handpicked wine choices 

WHITES: Cerro Alegre Sauvignon Blanc, Sta Emiliana Chardonnay Novas or Sta Emiliana Sauvignon Blanc Adobe 
REDS: Cono Sur Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Cono Sur Single

Vineyard Carmenere, Cono Sur Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, Parcela 7 Viña von Siebenthal, Sta Emiliana Cabernet Sauvignon Novas or Sta Emiliana Carmenere Adobe
SPARKLING WINES: Valdivieso Limited Brut or Cono Sur Brut 

Prices range from $29990 to $39990 includes Vat Tax and Delivery to the following comunas: Las Condes, Vitacura, Providencia, La Reina, La Dehesa. For deliveries outside these comunas, there is an additional charge depending on the geographic location in the Region Metropolitana of Santiago

Brandabout Wine Gift Viva Chile
Brandabout Wine Gift Viva Chile

¡Viva Chile! 

Celebrate the blessed bounty of Chile with this perfect pairing which includes the finest of Chile´s terroirs.

I´m Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

Choose from any of these handpicked choices of wines: 

1) Parcela 7 Viña Von Siebenthal

2) Cerro Alegre, Sauvignon Blanc 

3) Cono Sur, Single Vineyard Carmenere or Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Please specify your election of wine to accompany this flavorful aperitif!


Celebrate Good Times... Come on!

Any day is a reason to celebrate with a Brandboutwine aperitif.  


Consider pairing with Valdivieso Limited Extra Brut Sparkling  or Cono Sur Sparkling wine.