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For Wine Experts


Wine Expert Visit Program

Brandabout Wine hosts renowned wine experts from all over the world, including wine journalists, lifestyle reporters, enotourism editors, wine school owners, sommeliers, Masters of Wine, gastronomic critics and key opinion leaders to visit the wine valleys and vineyards in South America (Chile and Argentina).

The aim of these media visits is to gain first-hand knowledge through guided wine tastings and face to face conversations with the winemakers and winery owners. The invited experts gather fresh material for future publications and is an educated voice and quite often an advocate for South American wine production.

These visits provide a backdrop for discussions about wine production, terroirs, the challenges of climate change as well as build bridges between the expert´s host country and the South American wine valleys. 

Most experts will also publish articles and post photos, videos and interviews on social media to reach their audience. Past articles have featured innovations such as new product releases, production efficiencies, new terroirs, organic wines, old vine wines, natural wines, biodynamic production and much more.

What our renowned past experts say about the Brandabout Wine Experience

2021 / 22 Program

If you are a wine expert and have the time and interest to join our 2021/ 22 Program, visits to Chile usually run 10 days arriving on a Saturday or Sunday. Visits to both Chile and Argentina wine valleys require 12-14 days.  Consider a visit and enrich your firsthand knowledge of our unique terroirs. We invite you to send us a sample of your publications and your curriculum. Thank you and we look forward to delighting you with the Brandabout Wine experience! 

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