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Wine Expert Visits Program

The benefit for the wineries of the media visits is to create a bridge and a greater network to the experts´ influential sphere and market. Our target wine experts are key opinion leaders on wine in their own country with a high level of media exposure both written and digital. Through face to face conversations and wine tasting, the experts can share their perceptions and knowledge as to opportunities for the wineries.

- Furthermore, the wineries gain the potential for brand advocacy through traditional and digital media. More often than not, the experts post on social media while on tour and upload content such as videos and photos which speaks volumes to their amplified audience. 

- Brandabout Wine manages the logistics allowing the winery to concentrate on the heart of the visit.

- Finally, our expert visits provide a backdrop for technical discussions related to terroirs, production innovations, new product releases and more and this firsthand experience is a tried and true format to receive valuable feedback from the experts during and post visit.

Search & Selection of recognised wine experts from relevant markets all over the world. Logistics organisation—we handle the visit  from “A” to “Z”.


The experts gain first-hand knowledge through guided wine tastings and face to face conversations with the winemakers and winery owners. These visits provide a backdrop for discussions as well as build bridges between the expert´s host country and the South American wine valleys. Most experts will also publish articles and post photos, videos and interviews on social media to reach their audience. 

​​Brandabout has an extensive network of international wine experts, journalists and key opinion leaders to visit and communicate about their South American wine experience.  

Chile Wine regions map

Importer Visits

Search and selection processes for importers interested in purchasing South American wines. We organize private tasting with the wineries selected based on the criteria pre-determined by the importer.


What our valuable clients say about the Brandabout Wine Experience

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